My name is Yumi.  My mission is to support as many people as possible to actually create a balanced and enriched life with a holistic vision, not just to dream about it. 

I decided to earn an income online when I had a very stressful job. I was unhappy... not just in my job but also I constantly felt I had 'no time' for what I wanted to do.

There were never enough days in a month for me, not only to go on travels or start a hobby.  I had very little time even to relax with my family, visit my mother or socialise with my friends.

I was not afraid of hard work but I had no spare energy or time.

So I was questioning,

"am I going to work like this for the rest of my life, feeling trapped in a job with a limited number of vacation days?"

I was wondering to myself...

"is there another way to earn a living?"


Everything has changed for me since I discovered a way to earn an income without sacrificing my health or mental inner peace.


I was interviewed by a Japanese weekly newspaper based in London, Weekly Journey about my work and how I scrapped the 9-5 way of working.



Being in the community of like-minded people definitely contributed to keeping the promise to myself 'I want to change my life for the better'.

with mentors

My mentors have helped me to realise that there is 'really' a way to work which does not involve commuting, stuck in traffic each day, putting up with nasty bosses and being tied to a set of working hours.

I have managed to create time,

so I wrote a book!

I think...what everyone desire is not about being rich, but it is about the FREEDOM that you experience when you generate an income 'efficiently'. 



So why do I want to share this method of working?


First of all, as a mother who brought up three children, I have always felt in my bones, how important it is to maintain the right balance between work and life. I have always felt quite strongly about this topic.

I couldn't understand why it was not possible fo me to work from home when children were young, sick or on school holidays.

My belief is that we should be able to choose to work that can fit around family and other commitments, instead of the other way around.

The truth is it took me a long time until I made that decision to find a way to balance work and life in a way that suits me best.  I see many people who think about changing their life but postponing taking action.

I believe it is important more than ever to have a good strategy to take control of your life, not just for now but as a long term strategy.